Power Rangers has been a constant joy to watch throughout my childhood. Now that I'm an adult and Netflix has all seasons on Instant Streaming I'm going to watch them all (in my own time). The opinions of this Tumblog and those added to reblogs are my own and usually won't be heteronormative/heterosexual. Please Reblog my screencaps! Interaction and feedback is more than welcome. For an added bonus, click on the photosets and see the captions. ^_^ All screencaps are made while watching the series on Netflix Instant Streaming. Power Rangers is owned by Saban Brands under SCG Power Rangers LLC, a subsidiary of Saban Capital Group. © 1993 - 2014. All rights reserved.


An accurate depiction of what crushes feel like.


So not only is it the wrong form factor for a gun, but you gotta pump it six times?


This guy’s suit actor deserves an award for this.